Meet our Makerspace Team

Mentors are students that either have more experience in the spaces or just generally want to get more involved. They are there to offer guidance to students and ensure student safety in the spaces. Emphasis is placed on being friendly and encouraging and sharing knowledge. Mentors are also in a very good position to learn from other users as they go.
Interested in becoming a mentor? Please read all of the following details regarding responsibilities and requirements for the mentor role and application, and fulfill the application components within the timelines below.
Do you wish you had a way to network with interesting and accomplished engineers and artists? Are you passionate about making and want a platform to increase your knowledge? Do you want to get to know the mentors on duty? Enjoy Pitt’s makerspace community!
Meet the Makerspace Makers, compiled of the student Lead Team and Mentors. All mentors can give an open swim on the: X-carve, laser cutter, soldering iron, drill/driver, 3D printer, vinyl cutter and sewing machine.

Our current treehouse trainers are Rachel Eskander, Nickolai Miller, Kara Nghiem, Kim Petterson, and Juan Hernandez.

Pictured to the right is our current student leadership team (Nate Yonamine, Amelia Dubendorf, Emily Walkenhorst, Alyssa Zito and Rachel Eskander).

If you have any questions about the roles, makers, or upcoming applications feel free to ask in the Slack or via email to

Lead Team

Emily Walkenhorst         Alyssa Zito          Amelia Dubendorf     Nate Yonamine        Rachel Eskander 
      President              Vice President       Mentor Manager   Student Outreach   Program Manager
                                                                                                                                                          Treehouse Trainer

Program Committee:
Marselle Lottie              Nickolai Miller        Mark Hoffmeister   
                                      Treehouse Trainer 


  Anna Randolph          Kaitlin Chung              Chris Beatty          Katie Zemanek      Bridget Buchanan    Samantha Mnich
 Juan Hernandez         Natan Herzog           Kara Nghiem        Haajar Ahmad-Ali       Kim Pettersen    Alina Dziamko-Chuhaj   
Treehouse Trainer     Treehouse Trainer    Treehouse Trainer                                           Treehouse Trainer
    Abigail Geary            Hannah Parks             Lauren Beck              Tegan Carr               Luke Barnett            Jacob Rendall
     Cole Hansen              Andre Cortes         Matthew Gourash       Maya Connors         Camila Iglesias         Natasha Mody
                                                                                                                   Treehouse Trainer
    Josh Steinfeld      .Drew Deffenbaugh        Aqsa Owais           Jarrett Bremigen
                                                                                                                    Treehouse Trainer