LOCATION: Basement level of Benedum Hall

The University of Pittsburgh Makerspace strives to provide students, staff, and faculty of all majors and disciplines a dedicated place for hands-on design and fabrication, collaborative work, and learning.

Fall 2023 Open Hours:


9am - 8pm

9am - 8pm

9am - 8pm
9am - 8pm
10am - 3 pm

Our Spaces

Our users have access to a wide range of machines and trainings, as well as a number of tools and supplies for prototyping any kind of project, whether it be academic, Makerspace-sponsored, or personal.

For more information on our spaces: Click Here

Innovation Space Station

Low Resolution Space
Location: B06A

Bioengineering Underground (BiU)

Mid Resolution Space
Location: B09


High Resolution Space
Location: B02

Get Trained

Pitt Makerspace training steps:

STEP 1. - Watch the training video here

STEP 2. - Take the quiz here.

STEP 3. - Visit the ISS (B06a) during open hours and talk to a mentor to complete the in-person portion of your training. The mentor will guide you through a 5-10 minute training.

Students who have completed the basic safety training are then eligible to take the 1 hour, in-person Treehouse (B02) training.

Weekly Treehouse Training Schedule:

Monday             9am - 10am
Tuesday             1pm - 2pm
Wednesday      2pm - 3pm
Thursday           4pm - 5pm
Friday                 11am - 12pm


We hold regular workshops that teach new and interesting hands-on skills and host a speaker series that recruits professors and industry professionals to give  presentations about their experience and expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the makerspaces?

Any current Pitt student (undergraduate and graduate) or Pitt staff can use our spaces and materials free of charge!

What time are the makerspaces open?

All current open hours are posted above!

How Can I Become a Mentor?

Any current Pitt student can apply to become a mentor on our Makerspace Team webpage!

Why to BioE students have swipe access to B09?

All BioE students still have swipe access to B09, so that they may access B10 (the bio-electronics laboratory) and the Bio Senior Design Storage.
    *Note that the back room will only be open during our regular open hours, when the space is staffed by a mentor.

    How can I get trained on the 3D printer/lasercutter/any other machine?  

    Once you have completed the basic ISS/BiU safety training, you can attend open hours and ask the mentor on duty to be trained on the 3D printers.​

    The laser cutter and X-Carve trainings are covered in the Treehouse training. Treehouse trainings are only offered in-person, and take 1 hour. Treehouse training times are posted on the website!

    Can I use materials other than the ones provided in the spaces?

    If you want to use materials that we do not provide, you must get it approved by Brandon Barber. You can DM him in the Slack or email him at

    Where can I laser cut metal?

    You can get metal laser cut for certain projects with the Swanson Center for Product Innovation (SCPI), which is the machine shop in Benedum. Contact Andy Holmes at for more information.


    Digital Fabrication Software & Websites

    Sites for Ordering Materials

    • McMaster Carr - supplier of hardware, tools, raw materials, industrial materials, and maintenance equipment.
    • Smooth-On - manufacturer of silicone rubbers, polyurethane rubbers and plastics, rigid and flexible urethane foams, epoxies, polysulfide rubbers, adhesives, coatings, release agents, and other material technologies.

    Other On-Campus Resource Locations