XProjects, where X can be anything, are 6-8 week real-world projects in which teams of 3 to 5 students design, prototype, and test a real-world device, product, or system for a client who may be a Pitt researcher or an outside company. XProjects are win-win for students and clients. Check out how to get involved whether you have a design/prototyping project to be done or if you are a student looking for a short-term team-based immersive project.

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We are kicking off another round of XProjects for the semester!

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Deadline for applications is Sunday, January 23rd at midnight.

Past Projects

DIY eBike

The goal of this XProject was to create an affordable e-bike conversion tutorial for commuters and bike hobbyists that can be done within a weekend. The main objective was to design a mount that allows a DIY e-bike to receive power from a commercial power tool battery. More specifically, the mount was designed to accept the RYOBI 40-Volt lithium-ion high-capacity battery. The intentions for this scope of design were as follows:

  • Employ the economies of scale that are soon to come for lithium-ion batteries​
  • Take advantage of the safety features already incorporated in the battery
  • Provide a battery solution for an E-bike that is easy to source and replace

The team worked over the course of a semester with their sponsor and projects coordinators to develop engineering solutions for battery mounting, electronics and connectors, motor install, and integration.

Open-Source E-Bike -- This project was sponsored by a local innovator who wanted to offer people an option for a low-cost electirc bike. Students created a design that enables anyone to retrofit an existing bike with electric motor, controller, and off-the-shelf batteries to allow the rider to choose between a motor-driven, motor-assist, or traditional human-powered bike. The designs are now available to the public.
There is no better way to get to learn our advanced fabrication tools than to dive into an XProject.
Students can earn credit toward the Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship Certificate by completing XProjects.
We've completed over 50 XProjects since the program began. They are a great way to get to know our students if you are a potential client, or to build your portfolio if you are a student.