Welcome to the Basement!

Mentors are students that either have more experience in the spaces or just generally want to get more involved. They are there to offer guidance to students and ensure student safety in the spaces. Emphasis is placed on being friendly and encouraging and sharing knowledge. Mentors are also in a very good position to learn from other users as they go.
Interested in becoming a mentor? Please read all of the following details regarding responsibilities and requirements for the mentor role and application, and fulfill the application components within the timelines below.
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Here you can find some fun mentor photos, as well as some extra resources mentors would like to share.


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Lead Team

Alyssa Zito
Kara Nghiem
Vice President
Chris Beatty
Mentor Manager
Nate Yonamine
Student Outreach
Rachel Eskander
Program Manager

Program Committee

 Juan Hernandez
Kim Pettersen

Drew Deffenbaugh

Outreach Committee

Natasha Mody
Alina Dziamko-

Haajar Ahmad-Ali 

Hannah Parks


Anna Randolph
Katie Zemanek

Bridget Buchanan

Samantha Mnich

Natan Herzog

Abigail Geary 

Lauren Beck
Tegan Carr

Luke Barnett

Jacob Rendall

Cole Hansen

 Maya Connors

Camila Iglesias

Josh Steinfeld 

Aqsa Owais

Marselle Lottie

Jacob Jones

Brittany Sadej
Joseph Moritz
Patrick Lovenguth

Kshitija Koli
Kennedy Snook
Sarah Shegogue

Tyler Kenney
Carter Jones